When does inclusivity turn into intolerance?

March 21, 2017

There’s a Staff Network Group where I work, called Faith & Well Being Group.

Late last year, I managed to get myself included in the committee, as a representative of Humanism.

Today, we had a meeting – it’s a 1-hour meeting at lunch time. I made it there as I wanted Humanists and Humanism to be included.

There were six others there – including reps from  Hindu, Jewish, Christianity, Islam, as well as Well Being .

I was there more as an observer and I found it interesting, hearing what the other reps have to say about what they want the group to do and achieve.

Amongst the points raised were:

  1. Food at the staff canteen – not clearly labelled Kosher / Halal
  2. Staff using the same utensils to pick up non-Kosher, non-Halal, non-Vegetarian foods and salads.
  3. Food at staff event should just be vegetarian, as this is the food that is allowable by all religious groups. In the name of inclusivity.
  4. To produce a monthly newsletter highlighting religious events, personal reflections of religions to highlight the benefits of the religions.
  5. Someone mentioned that we should be mindful not to be proselytizing. A rep agrees but it could be that when reading the positive spin and reflections of religions, some readers might like to join and come back to it, and that would be a welcome effect.
  6. Should link up with other Staff Groups, such as OUTbound, the LGBTQ+ Staff Network. The Chair of OUTbound had been in conversation with the Christian rep from F&WB and they are both concerned that many LGBTQ+ Staff appear to have “misunderstood religions, thinking that religions are homophobic, and steer away from religions.” . My understanding is that the link up is in the hope to explain to LGBTQ+ staff that religions welcome diversity and not homophobic.
  7. I suggested that we can link up, but as people – as a social event, rather than with any agendas, and regardless of each individual person’s understanding of their religion’s views on this matter, we can still interact as human beings. Apart from the rep from the Well Being, my suggestion didn’t seem to attract much support.
  8. The Islam rep mentioned that the link up could be used to highlight issues of discrimination, giving example of a woman in a hijab being pushed off a platform. The Jewish rep suggested that this is a good example to link up with Women SNG as well.

Shakespeare’s R&J / Tabard Theatre, London / 30th June – 8th August 2015

August 15, 2015

From: http://www.chapellane.co.uk/

Chapel Lane Theatre Company is delighted to announce that our highly acclaimed production of “Shakespeare’s R&J” by Joe Calarco, directed by Christopher Harvey, will be transferring to London this summer!

Shakespeare’s R&J is a modern script by American playwright Joe Calarco which centres on four schoolboys and their lives in a strict religious boarding school. One evening after classes, the students come across an old copy of Romeo and Juliet and begin to read the play to each other. As the evening progresses the boys become more and more immersed in the text and the characters, and the play becomes about the boys and their voyage of self discovery through the Bard’s famous words.

The boys explore their relationships with each other and, particularly for Student 1 (Romeo), his love for Student 2 (Juliet). These two young men, fully absorbed, begin to realise how their feelings parallel the relationship between the “star crossed lovers” in Shakespeare’s text. It is revelatory for them having been in such an oppressive environment all of their lives to see that their love is not as abnormal as they thought.

Bearing witness to this blossoming relationship is Student 3 (Mercutio) who also has feelings for Student 1. The play not only explores the relationship between Romeo and Juliet (and its relevance to the boys) but also the emotional conflict of Student 3 at seeing his schoolmates together. This is extenuated by the other role taken by Student 3 – the friar. In Shakespeare’s text the friar is supportive of Romeo and his relationship and actively helps his friend. Thus we see the internal turmoil of Student 3 exposed perfectly; on the one hand he wants Student 1 for himself, but on the other he wants to help his friend to be happy with who he is.

Student 4 (the Nurse), uneasy with the relationship but counselling Student 2’s Juliet, adopts a homophobic stance towards Student 1 and also takes on the role of Tybalt, Romeo’s sworn enemy. The violence of the conflict between Student 1 and Student 4 is an all too familiar sight in today’s world where homosexuality is still not full accepted.

Shakespeare’s R&J runs at the Tabard Theatre, London W4 from June 30th to August 8th 2015. Easy access via Turnham Green Station (District Line). Tickets £17/£15.

Tickets are available from the Tabard Theatre Box Office.
Telephone: 0208 995 6035
Or online at: Tabard Theatre

This production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited.

Twitter: @ChapelLaneTC #RandJ2015

Facebook: Chapel Lane Theatre Company

Shakespeare’s R&J / Tabard Theatre, London / 30th June – 8th August 2015

August 15, 2015

From: http://www.tabardweb.co.uk/r&j.htm


Shakespeare’s R&J
30 June – 8 August 2015
Tue – Sat 7:30pm
Sat Matinees 4pm
Sun Matinee 2pm

Tickets £17/£15

There is no performance on Mondays, Tuesday 21 July or Friday 24 July

The performance lasts two hours including a 15 minute interval


If you are having difficulties booking
online or want to enquire about
availability its best to drop us an email admin@tabardtheatre.co.uk




August 4, 2015

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August 4, 2015

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